I’ve provided assistance for multiple concurrent cells. Now when you plug in more than one cell, each device will display up in a combo box. You can choose the device and the currently selected device’s ECID will populate in the ECID field and the proper default firmware will be selected appropriate to the device.

I’ve also made some magnifiscent changes to the underlying framework under the hood. In doing so I’ve supplied a few new features. First, the links that show up in the console are now selectable. This means when you pastebin your log file you can click on the link and it’ll open in your customt browser. Also when you save your shsh file you will see a ‘Click here to Open’ link that, when selected, will open Finder (OSX) or Explorer (WIN) to the SHSH file saved. No more whining about where the files are saved. (Not that any of you have any reason to tinker with the files outside of backing up the entire directory right?) 🙂 Also, the list of files that show up in the console when you ‘Display SHSH’ are also clickable and will reveal themselves in Finder/Explorer as well.

I’ve made some optimisation tweaks as well so the app should be much faster. Lastly, I have added some much needed feedback to the console when saving SHSHs. The messages are quite verbose and explain much more plainly the situation if you are unable to get SHSHs because your device is ‘not eligible’.

I’m working on some more features for future jailbreak releases. Thanks for your comments!

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